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Saturday, March 24, 2007

BOO on Memphis' loss tonight. But, Ohio State definitely deserves to be in the Final Four, for sure. Jonathan says that Greg Oden will one day be like Patrick Ewing in fame and reknown. So, at least there's that.

Also of note, my AI favorites have not wavered: girl is still Melinda, although I don't know what modern recording niche she really falls into; boy is still Blake, who seems like a true musician and dedicated worker at getting his desired musical point across. But I must say, my love for either of these contestants by no means competes with my last year's love for Elliott Yamin. Last year's contestants' collective talent does NOT rival this year's group by any means, but it makes the show no less interesting.

This will not become an AI-centered blog, so I shall take a moment to acknowledge that Lost has really stepped it up these past few episodes. I guess JJ Abrams is still [somewhere] at the helm. (Don't want to give away any plot points so I shall stop there with my analysis.)

I love when the dogwoods bloom. It makes up for the cherry trees' short-lived blossoms, which always kind of bum me out when they start turning green. For the rest of the year, it's difficult to remember the light pink glory that overtakes our eyeballs every March.

Happy official Spring!


  1. Sorry I can't comment on the game because I was not watching> I know, sorry! But as for AI - I think a word must be said for Jordin. That girl is amazing. I think I like a lot also because she's a teenager. So cute and so much potential! I also like your faves, plus Lakisha. Lost - I was not impressed with last week. Let's talk in person for a full analysis.

  2. Jordin... yes yes I get the hype. But I am not in love with her. She is kind of loud. But her personality and song choices are fitting her station in life (teenage girl, etc.). She is all of the high school girls' [at work] favorite.

  3. How are you so funny????I agree about Melinda, I picked Lakisha though, so I will probably lose on that one. I love the comment you posted on Casey's blog. I will post pictures of the trip soon. I think Ed deleted my flash drive off my computer so I can't download my pics until I get them put on a CD. Who knows...


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