Somewhere Only We Know...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm sure 1 out of every 3 of you has been watching or is watching American Idol this season. We love American Idol at the our house, because, after all, we are American.

My favorite male contestant this past week was Blake. He sang a Keane song, "Somewhere Only We Know," and I thought he was the best male vocalist (the last guy might end up being really good, but he needs to grow some hair...just give me some stubble!). This song is probably my favorite song on the February Banana Republic CD, and there are even 4 Keane songs on it. Does anyone listen to Keane much? They're very melodic and wonderful. I'm so happy that Blake chose such a pretty song (and pretty unknown, probably). It catapulted my like for him by 1,000x. He was probably known to you as the "Beat Boxer" before this. If you haven't heard the song, I'm sure there's a video of him singing it on YouTube (, or look on iTunes. You won't be disappointed.

Who's your favorite contestant?

Another question I had today was this (please help): Does it seem like people always capitlize the show LOST when referring to it on cyberspace or in print? Is this because

a) It is their favorite show and they need to emphasize this?
b) They think it is the greatest show of all time, thus garnering all caps for all eternity, in any circumstance?
or c) JJ Abrams & Co. want it to be in all caps, aka The Man wants it to be in all caps?

I'll post another time about my feelings on the use of all caps.



    Just kidding about the all caps. I, for one, know that it drives you insane. (It really truly does feel like shouting.)

    And can you believe it? I've actually been sucked into the current season of AmIdol. I hate that show! Except Nick really likes it, so I've been watching it with him for some recreational companionship. We are even in Ed & Katie Land's weekly AmIdol fantasy league....It's out of control!!

    (PS: Blake is my favorite boy too, and we really like Keane at our house--Nick has the cd.)

  2. So far, Blake is our top pick too!

  3. He's definitely my pick of the guys. It was refreshing to hear someone sing something other than Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, or any other cheesy pop icon.

  4. I love Blake too!

  5. I really have no knowledge on either of those subjects? Am I too old or just uncool? (Like I didn't have any clue about that picture Jesse had on her blog with that Abrams guy's name on it- I thought that maybe that office guy was making some kind of gesture that I also didn't know anything about.)


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