Citizens & Hair

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A la Julie Kiser's blog, I will make a confession that I just need to accept about myself:

I will never spend a lot of time on my hair, no matter what the style or my best intentions. It doesn't matter what hair I may imagine for myself for X event, or how much imaginary time I budget to "do" my hair: it never happens. I don't have the patience, and I guess at the end of the day, I just don't CARE as much as i may want to. Maybe that's the bottom line. Regardless, low-maintenance haircuts must be mine if they are to be a success.

RIP in a certain way for my beloved Citizens of Humanity jeans that I've worn the tar out of for 4 years now--they have finally bit the dust. This is my very first pair of jeans to have had a huge hole in the knee from actual wear and tear.

Whats the most beloved article of clothing that you've ever worn out?


  1. Jeans and Merrells.

    (And your hair always looks great to me! I wish I could pull off the subtle wave yours does. *sigh* The grass is always greener...!)

  2. Hmm...Probably my birkenstocks. I have had them for years and still wear them, especially now during my pregnancy. They are pretty much the only shoe I can get on my feet right now, so I love them!

  3. New Balance -

    first red (from France)
    then Navy
    now gray

    do these colors say something about my evolution as a person?

  4. American Eagle "My Favorite" jeans & brown Steve Madden shoes...moment of silence please.

  5. hi leslie! i linked to your page from brooke's blog and just wanted to say hi and express my enthusiastic empathy with your hair dilemma. i, too, go for the "style" cuts but inevitably the rubber band wins out. good to hear a little about you and stephen and i would love to catch up with you guys sometime.


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