Calling all Mothers of Young Children

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I need the official opinion of mothers on taking young children out in 20 degree weather to go shopping for oneself. What is right and what is wrong? Are there enough clothes you can put on a baby of (+) or (-) 4 months old to warrent taking them out?

Opinions, please. I don't want to make a judgment call until I have all the information.


  1. I think that it depends on where you live as to your comfortableness in this area. For example when I was in Colorado, my friend Analisa has a son who at the time was 3 weeks old ish. She took him out to the mall with us and totally was not bothered by the fact that it was 15 ish degrees outside. She had a carrier with a cover over it that had a face shaped hole so he could see out. She put a hat on his head and we were gone. I thought it was great that she wasn't scared to get him out. It probably also depends on if they are a sickly child. Does my opinion count event though I am not a Mom?

  2. yes because you are informed.

  3. This is long...sorry...
    It depends on the shopping arena. For instance, are you going to a mall where the kid will be primarily inside? In that case, I'm all for it IF they are bundled up (especially the ears...I don't know why, my mom just says you have to keep the wind out of their ears...maybe ear infections?) to and from the car. Also, is the kid sick or well and how willing are you to expose him/her to all the flu germs? I will admit that I walk & jog outdoors with my 8 month old as long as it is at least 40 degrees and not too windy. I have one of those Eddie Bauer papoose thingies and he loves being outside, cold or hot. Plus, he's never been really sick at all...only a fever from teething. So I guess I'm for it if the kid is warm & happy. You gotta get out! Oh, and another thing...Clayton is much happier and well-behaved if we get out at least once a day so maybe these moms are just getting out so they don't go crazy.

  4. No hat, no gloves, no jacket in 20 degree weather = no sense

    Yeah, I think that is insane!!! Obviously these mommies are a little preoccupied with something?!

    *Hope I didn't sound defensive in my earlier comment above. :)

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