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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January is a long ole stinkin' month. One of the bright spots, however, is my good friend Kelly Schepp Hovater's birthday is in 5 days. Shout out shout out.

Retail is dismal in January; spring lines are out, but it's cold. Everyone spent a honking amount of money for Christmas and is now paying for it (literally). I am not ready for warm weather yet, 'tis true. We need a good snow, some ice, something before it gets hot again. I have been enjoying way too much hot cocoa recently for it to be 80 degrees soon. The mere thought makes me want to move to Maine.

Basically, the point of this post is I Like Cold Weather. (Or, I Like Being Inside During Cold Weather.) Nothing groundbreaking. Does anyone else share this love of cold with me? Or is it really fear of hotness?

p.s. I've begun Tale of Two Cities.


  1. I hate cold weather...sorry. I could seriously never see a snowflake and be just fine. Oh wait, I live in Alabama so that's pretty much reality. I seriously think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder...here is how I react to cold weather
    -I get fat because I eat, eat, eat
    -I stop exercising because I love running/walking outside but can't stand to be cold...which makes me get fatter
    -Short days suck!
    -No yardwork or gardening=sad me
    -I would live outside if I could so being stuck inside makes me depressed
    OK, that's it. I'm ready for summer!

  2. Hi Leslie,
    I visit your site pretty often and I thought I would comment on this one. I also live in Memphis, so I know cold weather is rare. I'm with you on this one. I like a little bit of winter. I'm a coat, scarf, and gloves person and I absolutely loooove snow-only a little though. I want just enough to make them close my office so I can snuggle up inside with hot chocolate, a blanket, a movie, or a good book, or my husband. :)
    Happy winter!

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  4. (I am such a DORK that I just edited the grammer on my previous post and reposted it!)

    Ok Les, I was with you on this one, and then Tesney pulled me halfway to her side.

    *I love snow.
    *I love hats and scarves.
    *I love hot chocolate, leftover gingerbread lattes from christmas (till the syrup runs out), cinnamon dulce lattes (the bright spot of januarys at starbucks).
    *I love cuddling under blankets.
    *We have central heat but NOT central air, so I really relish the months of peaceful heating before we crank up those loud window units in the spring.


    *I hate short daylight hours (and not having time to work out because of it).
    *I feel like I always spend the entire month of February hating life and praying for Jesus to come back. (It's the cold, dark dreariness. I have a rule--no major decisions are allowed to be made in February.)
    *Comfort foods in winter make you fatter than summer foods. (Winter = high sodium soups, warm fatty baked goods, hot high-sugar drinks...Summer = Salads, fruit, a cold glass of raspberry lemonade, smoothies (ok, AND homemade ice cream)

    BUT, in general, I would rather be cold than hot. You can do something about being cold--put on more layers. But there's only so many layers you can take OFF in hot weather...

  5. Ooh...I agree with Jesse.
    I have things I for sure like about both. I think she summed it up in her last paragraph.

    It has probably not been good that I have been preggo during the whole winter/holiday/eating season, but it sure has been fun! I love winter clothes (usually, not maternity ones) such as cute sweaters, jeans, and boots, but I do love summer for the light eating, exercising, and beach trips!!

  6. Yea! Happy birthday to me!!! I am with Leslie. I think everything about cold weather is great. Snow, hot drinks of all kinds, sweaters, day off from work, building fires in our fireplace, soup, etc. It's all great. If I were still back in Cali I would probably have to go with the summer, but I am not so winter it is! The humidity kills me and summer clothes don't really like Kelly's body right now. We have to fight with our YG girls to wear appropriate clothing and my face is a greasy mess. I. Hate. It.

  7. How are you liking Tale of Two Cities? I'm contemplating teaching it one of these days...


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