Holiday Eating

Friday, December 08, 2006

Thanks to a certain recent cookie exchange, there are 19 bags of cookies sitting in our kitchen this minute. My stomach is definitely feeling it right about now, but I've tried to compensate today by going to a yoga class and doing my Pilates video. Whew! Holiday eating can be rough!

The main holiday eating tradition from the my family is having pimento cheese sandwiches cut out into Christmas trees on Christmas Eve. Jonathan's mom makes the most delicious spiced tea, which is so tasty cold or hot. She also makes the thumbprint cookies, the recipe that won me first place at the party last night. Thanks, Susie!

Only a few more weeks until the New Year's Resolution will be rearing its ugly head.


  1. I have an ENORMOUS plate of cookies in front of me and Seth right now. I just asked Seth to choose his favorite, and he chose yours! :) They really were wonderful! I am starting to feel sick from all of this eating...

  2. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I love me some leslie guinn jerkins

  3. I love me some erin trimble hicks

  4. Congrats again on the big win, Leslie!

  5. Blech. All these cookies. I am still eating them for breakfast...what is wrong with me!

    Yesterday I made a huge plate of peppermint fudge for the Christmas Party and brought a third of it back.

    Also yesterday, Nick's mom sent a tin of chocolate peanut butter balls and two baggies of her famous sugar cookies.


  6. any ideas for a resolution


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