Gotta Have That Crunch...

Friday, December 15, 2006

This is our first tree, on its way to the car... (I hope our kids look like Jonathan).

Jonathan has brought to my attention--nonverbally--that foods with a crunch are that extra something for extreme deliciousness. First and the most prime example: Goldfish. Why do I love Goldfish so much? What is it about those cheddar crackers that send me over the edge? I've finally figure it out... it's that pocket of air in the middle of each fish that gives an extra CRUNCH when you bite. Have you ever seen anyone sucking on Goldfish? Heavens, no.

Why is toast served with pasta? Since all of my findings on crunchiness, the obvious answer is that pasta is too mushy by itself. It needs a little umph! in the way of crunch.

Are there synonyms for crunch? The onomatopoeic answer is a resounding NO.

Special thanks to my Grandma McMurry for sending me my favorite crunchy cookies-- Moravian ginger snaps! Now that's what I call a crunchy cookie... the perfect way to ring in the holiday!


  1. Home Depot is the way to go! I can't believe people are selling (and buying) Christmas trees off the private lots for $80!!

    Hate to break it to you, but I'm the weirdo who sucks on the Goldfish crackers. I like to taste the salt as they slowly implode. I know. I'm gross.

  2. Leslie, I would have taken you for a "cut your self" kind of Christmas tree owner. FYI they last WAY longer then HD ones. Anyway, I wish that I could see your tree! Merry Chistmas, I will call you this week!

  3. Pictures of the tree in your house??

    I'd love to see some?


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