Red Hots

Monday, August 21, 2006

If you're a part of my husband's family, you have a container of Red Hots in your house; and we sure do. Susie gave me a jar for my birthday this year...two weeks before I officially became a part of the family.

The Fantasy Football League draft is on Thursday. That's when I will officially gain Vince Young as my quarterback. Jonathan thinks it's foolhardy to draft him so high, but I don't want anyone to wrest him from me.

I really have nothing interesting to say on this post and I really detest that disclaimer as a rule: I'm starting a new job next week at Banana Republic as a manager. I'm so excited. And applying to grad school too. Also I'm more excited about Fall than ever, because we actually have a change in temperature here (Austin stays hot until December, really). Blazers, corduroys, a scarf here or there. Bring it on.


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