Discovered Pet Peeve

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The phrase, "You need to ________."

...You need to clean this up... You need to write this down... You need to know better than to do that....

This hasn't necessarily been happening more than usual. I am not directing this at any particular person/situation; my notice has merely escalated in the past several weeks. These three little words are an indirect and not tactful way of telling/demanding something. After you notice--yuck.

Jonathan and I are going to Dallas tomorrow for Labor Day. A Kendall visit and a Grandma visit--yippee! And hopefully a nice long visit to Crate & Barrel. (What's funny is that I lived in a town with a C & B for four years and never went once--guess that's what matrimony does to you.)

Dear white shoes/pants/skirts/summer. Not really sorry to see you go.

Love, an Excited Football Fan


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