The Family Reunion

Monday, July 24, 2006

was this weekend in Nashville. And it was my second trip: to go from un-engaged to married in one year definitely brought things full-circle.

Saturday, after a late breakfast, Jonathan's Uncle Gary had arranged a "Music City Tour"--a tour of the country music stars' homes. The bus came to pick us up, and the bus driver, and our tour guide, started out by telling us that Minnie Pearl's old house was two houses down from Uncle Gary's! Gee whiz!

Best house ranking:

1. Alan Jackson--by far. No one can touch him. Not only is the house itself awesome, but the lot (all 300-something acres) and location kick some tail too.

2. Amy Grant's former residence--and by default almost; it's next door to Alan Jackson's.

3. Dolly Parton: complete with a chapel, this fully-restored Civil War-era home also has a small "playhouse" where Dolly escapes to write her songs.

4. Some producer whose name I can't remember... mile-long driveway lined with pear trees.

Some of the other singers, i.e., Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, had prohibited their coul-de-sacs from being accessible to tour buses, so we couldn't see their houses. But all in all, it was a perfect family reunion activity. Maybe next year we'll all go to Dollywood--I've never been there, and am ashamed to say so as a Tennesseean.


  1. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Too bad you didn't see Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's house... it kicks some tail too and is very accessible! Sounds like you had a good ol time with the family! Looking forward to dinner soon!

  2. You know Leslie, I have been in Minnie Pearl's former home. It is really awesome in a normal fancy way.

  3. I haven't seen anyone famous's home I don't think. Man...

    Glad the reunion went well. Can't wait to see you!

  4. Mandi, actually we did see Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman's house from afar . . . it is directly behind LeeAnn Reimes' house up on a hill. We just couldn't go back there with the bus, so we didn't get to see it up close. But it looks really nice.

    Yay, dinner!

  5. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Do you guys invite Jesse to dinner or are you too cool for her?

  6. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Seriously, can I come? Ican make poppyseed chicken.

  7. What in the world? I did not write either of those last two comments. What is going on?


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