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Thursday, July 06, 2006

This week, we all had the experience of getting Tuesday off from work (or off from school, but you were off anyway). This gave the illusion on Monday that it was Friday; and after Tuesday, there were only 3 days left in the week!

So I said to Jonathan, I wish we had every Tuesday off...this has been the grestest/shortest week ever. He said, "You would rather have Tuesday off than Friday every week?" After some thought, I really have decided Tuesday is the best day to have off. It breaks up the week, and then if you need to take a Monday off, it's less of a big deal. Well, that might not be true, because we would probably get collectively less days off if every day was a 4-day week. I just know it was refreshing to have this 4-day week. Tomorrow is Friday! PIRATES!

What would your extra day off be?


  1. I'm a Friday off person. I love a short week/long weekend. Although I do enjoy a Monday off too. Oh yeah, and Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. Pretty much any off day worked for me (when I was working).

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  3. Fridays! That is what I have off now normally and it is great. It feels like having 2 Saturdays.

  4. Totally a Monday person. I LOVE having Mondays off (no, I don't have them off normally). Its a great surprise when, after a full day of Sunday stuff (church, family lunch, youth group activity), I realize, oh, I have another day of weekend left! And then I can actually grocery shop on a day that is not as insanely crowded like Saturdays!


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