Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm wearing a pink-and-white striped headband in this same shape today (they didn't have the picture of my exact pattern).

Are headbands alright to wear to work in the adult world? I feel a bit too Caddyshack today, in my navy a-line skirt, white sweater, and pink-and-white striped headband. But I love it. When else are you supposed to wear a headband? Not just for tennis. It's too darn hot here, anyway, to wear pretty tennis clothes. We don't even really play tennis (Jonathan does sometimes).

Thoughts on headbands? (Thick ones?)


  1. I love them, well let me clarify, I love them on the right head. I can picture you in it with your cute short hair and it looks great, I on the other hand with super thin hair...not so cute. I also like the scarf look.

  2. Love them. You can totally pull it off. Even in the workplace.

  3. They give me a headache. Is there a solution to this dilema? My hair is finally long and I think they're adorable...and fine for the adult world.

  4. Tesney, this is weird, but sometimes I stretch out my headbands a little bit on my stearing wheel's center, or on a pilow or something. Not too big, but big enough to give a little bit of breathing room. Also, it depends on the headband. This one I wore today is not made of plastic, so it's not as bad as those ones with the combs in them.

  5. definitely acceptable AND stylish. I like thick and thin depending on the outfit. and I agree with kelly on the scarves.


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