Wednesday, April 19, 2006

RSVP stands for "respondez, s'il vous plait." That means "please respond" in French. Yes, I know the French don't like us, but somehow we've adopted this custom of putting the request RSVP at the bottom of invitations. RSVP is not the same as Regrets only, which has reared its ugly head by confusing those who don't know what RSVP means. RSVP needs a response. It says, Tell me either way if you're coming or if you're not.

Maybe all brides go through this when they get married, this rock-solid resolve that builds toward responding to invitations in a timely and consistent manner. All I know is, I had better gosh darn respond to every single RSVP.


  1. I like to play a game with myself by trying to be the first person to RSVP. I have to admit that if I am not coming I throw it away. Sorry, but it's true. You think that I would have learned my lesson when we got married.

  2. Girl, I feel you! GAH, that had to be one of the most annoying things...and to be honest, I had a hard time being friendly to people who showed up that didn't RSVP. Those people always eat the most too! :) I got to the point where I didn't give a care in the world if you were coming or not... just tell us, dang it! It really has made me more conscious of RSVP-ing--and of writing personal notes on the cards too. I saved mine, and some of them were pretty special. Hope this weekend is wonderful. I'll be thinking about you...

  3. Marf just called me out on this whole RSVP thing. I totally fogot to RSVP for your shower tomorrow night. I am sorry, I suck and will make it up to you in the fantastic items of funness that I will buy for you. Oh man, you were totally speaking to me. I am such a crappy RSVP er.

  4. Where is the update, Leslie Jerkins!!!


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