Negative 1 Month Anniversary

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So tomorrow (or today technically) is one month until the Big Day. Transition time will be completed. My marital status will never again be Single.

Two things to address in this post:

1. I have been reading drastically less in these past few months...engagement? No set schedule? I don't know. Nonetheless, it has been weird. (Maybe because I've put aside fiction for marriage books...)

2. I love American Idol. When did this happen? I watched the Clay and Ruben season and the Fantasia season, but not last season. I didn't care one bit about Carrie Underpants or Bo Longhaired fact, I would get frustrated with the purple section in the USA Today when they had a freaking "Idol" update after every single episode. After all, "not everyone's watching American Idol."
Well, let me tell you, I am definitely eating my words. Not only do I love American Idol, but I could easily have a fifteen minute conversation with anyone who has watched a single episode and convince them that this is going to be the closest race in the history of the show. There are seriously five or six, wait six or seven even, that could win. And any of these six or seven could have won on previous seasons. I am serious. It's that good. This week's show was the best so far. Everyone is at the top of their game now, and all I have to say is Paula Abdul is either an alcoholic or she is on a lot of painkillers, because something isn't right.
(If any of you are viewers and you're wondering who my favorite is, it's Elliott Yamin. Sure, he may not be the most attractive or the most "hip"...but he's got a great voice, let me tell you, a great voice.)

I'll close with this: is there something wrong with me that I'm really not stressed out yet?


  1. No! Nothing's wrong with you! You are just being encouraged and supported and things are going smoothly...Yeehaw! It's probably because you have the best bridesmaids known to man. Maybe? Well...

  2. I think that it is refreashing!!!

  3. Yay! Now it's even less than that unti your wedding. Talk to Jesse about the pre-wedding/honeymoon/early-marriage- day literature that I read. I highly recommend it.


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